SEO Tips for Music Companies

Do you run a music company? Have you finally set up a website for your music company online? Now what?  You need some SEO tips.

If you wish to get traffic to this site, you must practice certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods such that the target audience in your niche is able to recognize the products & services offered by your online brand. As a musician with a proper online company, you must aim at practicing different SEO methods to make the overall website experience better for the end users & to maximize the overall ROI for your site at the same time.

In the Internet world that is full of high-end entertainment options out there, improving your site such that it receives more traffic from the search engines tends to be more vital than ever. Therefore, as a music company owner, if you wish to enhance the overall success of your online music company, then here are some pro SEO tips:

  • Choose the Keywords Carefully: The first step towards bringing traffic to your site is through devising a list of the “top 5 “ keywords in the form of phrases or words that you think that the end users might use with respect to the products or services offered by your website. The keywords could be in the form of the brand name, location, music product, music style or any other relevant services offered by your music brand.


  • Content is the Key: Once you have come up with the keyword list, try spreading them across the entire stretch of your site like in the bio page, respective page headers, buttons, icons, and so more. The golden thumb rule for excelling in it is to write effective content for the humans first, and then for the search engines. Google is well aware of when you might be going overboard on trying to make use of the keywords in the respective pages. Thus, with the overuse of keywords all across your site’s content could also lead to penalization by Google. Therefore, while coming up with the content of your music site, you must be careful with its effective usage.


  • Choose the Relevant Domain Name: When you are selecting the proper domain name for your music site, you can try going with the one that contains some of the relevant keywords. Google is known for putting the web portals with keywords in their domain names in bold in the search results. This makes such websites stand out from the rest. As such, you can think about making use of this SEO strategy as well.


  • Set the Meta Tags Properly: Meta tags on your site are yet another place wherein you can include the relevant keywords to the site. You can consider as them places of inserting the keywords in the respective web pages of your web portal without including them actually to the given page. One of the most important Meta tags is the Title Meta tag. The Title Meta tag appears as the primary link to your web portal in the search results of the major search engines.  By default, you can set the Title tag to be the name of the musician or artist followed by the page name. For instance, it could be Michael Bob –Music. You can modify the given tag by adding even more keywords like Michael Bob–Music, Hip Hop, UK.


  • Build Proper Links: Google is known for ranking the sites that turn out to be trustworthy, and not spammy. One of the measures utilized by Google for measuring the same is by counting the total number of sites that are linking back to your web portal. The more the number of external sites linking to your web portal, the better it is for your site’s overall performance. To analyze who is linking to your site, you can conduct a proper Google Search for the same.


One of the easiest and the most effective ways of getting links to your site is through producing high-quality content that individuals might wish to link to. Moreover, it is also recommended to not forget adding proper links on your site to other music artists that you might have played with.


  • Boost Your Social Media Presence: One of the most effective ways of boosting your site’s visibility and outreach is through productive social media interaction with the target audience. You can create highly interactive and user-friendly social media profiles for your music site and increase its reach amongst the target audience to increase the overall traffic to your site naturally.

Make use of these top-end SEO tips for your music portal!